Determining the duty and clearance of prohibited goods

In a correspondence with the First Vice President’s Coordination Deputy, the Technical Deputy of Iran’s Customs announced the assignment of undecided goods and the prohibited import at the Customs.

According to ISNA, the goods of groups four and 27 are among the unnecessary and consumable items that in recent years were faced with import restrictions due to currency restrictions, hence the goods in the form of these groups that before the ban to customs and ports. Had arrived, could not be cleared.

Meanwhile, for the fourth group, which was estimated at more than 80 million dollars, according to the decision of the government board, from February 19 last year to February 16 this year, in two time periods for assignment and clearance was set, which remained a part, but the group Estimated about $ 40 million with passive currency priority, 27 had no chance of clearance.

Due to the passage of time and the fact that most of these goods are on the verge of corruption and abandonment and uncertainty of the owners of the goods, during the negotiations, it has been decided to assign these goods.

Mehrdad Jamal Arvanghi – Technical Deputy and Customs Affairs of Iran Customs – recently in a correspondence with Shirkond – Vice President for Economic Coordination and Supervision and Infrastructure – First Vice President – presented a report on the situation of unresolved items and goods in the country’s customs.

According to the report of the Technical Deputy of Iran’s Customs regarding the clearance of sediment goods in the country’s ports and customs, including goods belonging to group four, it has been announced that in correspondence with the Export and Import Regulation Office of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade (Samat) for goods registered with bank orders and Also, order registration without currency transfer, checks have been done and decisions have been made.

Clearance of bank order registration without time limit

In this regard, for goods registered in a bank order, it is stipulated that the possibility of continuing the business process (whether renewal, editing or clearance) for those cases subject to Group Four tariffs, either before or after the date of the ban, has been provided with currency. Be, be provided.

Therefore, if the operating bank approves the foreign exchange supply in writing and explicitly, and foreign exchange supply is seen in the foreign exchange supply system of the central bank, it is possible to continue the business process as a bank. Registration of orders received from this place is not subject to the clearance time limit.

According to Arvanghi, the relevant circular was issued by the Iranian Customs on February 20, 2017 and all executive customs offices were notified to take the necessary action. It seems that with the implementation of this circular, the problem of clearance of Group 4 goods with bank order registration and bank tracking code will be solved. .

A draft assignment of goods was prepared by registering an order without transferring currency

However, in the case of group four goods with registration of orders without currency transfer, it has been announced that according to the decision of the Cabinet on February 20, 2017 and its subsequent amendment, group four goods (excluding cars) which had registered orders before May 20 and a bill of lading or Their warehouse receipt before this date is in the form of no currency transfer and can be cleared by paying entrance fees and double the commercial profit until September 17 this year.

The official in charge of Iran’s customs reminded in this correspondence that regarding the clearance of goods of group four with registered order without currency transfer in coordination with the Export and Import Regulations Office of the Ministry of Silence, the draft resolution to extend the February 2009 resolution with necessary changes to solve the problems Such goods and the adoption of a unified procedure in this regard were prepared and provided to the Ministry of Silence to take the necessary action to extend the deadline.

Immediate action on group 27

But another issue raised in the correspondence between the technical deputy of Iran’s customs and the deputy of Jahangiri goes back to the goods of group 27 and it has been announced that regarding the clearance of goods with inactive currency priority or group 27 whose original warehouse receipt and bill of lading are also available in ports and customs. The country has been certified by the Executive Customs and Customs of Iran and reflected to the Ministry of Silence, and their compliance with the terms of Article 11 of the Implementing Regulations of the Export and Import Regulations Law, certified by the Office of Export and Import Regulations, the Ministry of Silence Follow up on the issue in order to create conditions for the clearance of these goods.

Arunaghi stressed that these items, which have been deposited in the country’s customs and ports for months and the owners of goods have the acquired right to clear their goods, are on the verge of corruption and it is appropriate to take immediate action by the relevant authorities to determine the duties of these items. Do not notice the clearance of these items to related devices, including customs.

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Source: ISNA

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