HL-CG05 Laser machine

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HL-CG05 Laser machine

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HL-CG05 Laser machine

360 Magneto E-light, Pico secound ,RF 3in1

  1. E-light/permanent hair removal, pigmentations treatment (Spots removal, smallpox removal, freckle removal), Skin rejuvenation (tighten skin, fine wrinkles removal, whiten skin), Acne Treatment, Vascular Therapy
  2. Unipolar RF/wrinkles removal, tighten skin, lift skin, rebuild face outlines and body contours, contract large pores
  3. Picosecound/all colors of tattoo removal,spots removal (freckle, coffee spots, age spots,nevus of Ota), embroidery lipline, eyeline, eyebrow pigments removal.


Treatment Therapy:

Picosecond laser uses very short pulse output mode, instead of thermal effect, by the principle of light mechanical shock wave, pigment is “shattered” into finely granular via focused energy, are more likely to be absorbed by the body metabolism. Picosecond laser will be to minimize the side effects of thermal effect, can achieve the goal of almost solve all kinds of pigment spots, is better than traditional laser spot whitening effect.


Chloasma, coffee spots, freckles, sunburn, age spots, nevus of ota, etc
Acne scars
Skin whitening, fine lines removal
All color of tattoo remove


Pigment clear rate is higher
Pigment removal speed is faster
Refused to stimulate melanin active again risk
Remove melanin colleagues and start repair mechanism
Don’t damage the normal tissue

Packing list:

Main device: 1pc
Elight & laser handle: 2pcs
RF handle: 1pc (*3)
Water funnel: 1pc
Protective eyepatch: 1pc
Protective glasses: 1pc
Holder: 1pc
Stay holder: 2pcs
Fuse: 2pcs
Power cord: 1pc
User’s manual: 1 book


Technical parameter:

IPL system
Handle mode: filters handle, sapphire handle and high power handle
Spot size: 8*40mm2, 10*30mm2 or 15*50mm2
Energy density: 1-20J/cm2
Pulse frequency: 1-4S, adjustable
Pulse number: 1-6, adjustable
Pulse space: 05-99ms, adjustable
Sub-pulse width: 0.1-9.9ms, adjustable
Handle cooling temperature: -10،مC – 0،مC, adjustable
Power: 1200W (Elight), 800W (laser)
Lamp longevity: 400,000 shots (IPL), 1,000,000 shots (laser)
Language: English, Spanish, France, Italian, German, Chinese


RF system

RF frequency: 10MHz
Energy density: 1-20J/cm2
Output mode: Bipolar
Energy: 2-300J,adjustable
Handle cooling temperature: -10،مC – 0،مC, adjustable
Cooling system: air + water + semi-conductor cooling
Screen: 8.4-inch true color touch screen
Power supply: 110/240V+10% 60/50Hz
Size: 51*60*132cm
Weight: 69kg


Picosecond laser

Laser wavelength: 1064nm/755nm/532nm
Pulse energy: 2000MJ
Width of pulse: 10-20ns
Frequency: 1-10Hz
Picosecond laser
Laser wavelength:1064nm/755nm/532nm
Pulse Energy:2000MJ
Width of pulse:10-20ns
Spot Size:2~10mm
Cooling system: Radiator, air+water-cooled
Light source : 220V/110v 50Hz/60Hz






I . Safety notices

  1. Safety of SHR

Any people who are eligible in using and maintaining can safely use this machine . Any operators and his/her assistants must know well the following safe notices and make sure both the operator and the customers are safe during the treatments .

  1. a) The machine will start inspection automatically after it is on.
  2. b) Adopt the close filter /crystal of transferring light, the SHR can only emit from the front face
  3. c) Independent electrical circuit, it will automatically stop working if the energy is too high.
  4. d) The emergency switch is convenient when you are in emergency
  5. e) The key switch can protect it from stolen because they can’t start the machine without certain key


B.Any intensive light without correct using will hurt people. It can work out high voltage when working;we suggest anybody who operates this machine should read this safety notices before using it.

For Operator: it’s possible to touch the intensive light. So make sure you wear the 3 grade glasses.

For customer: it is better if the operator is trained eligible and arrange a proper treatment room for the customer. It is even better if the customer knows the treatment theory and cooperates with the operator during the treatment. He/she must make sure wear the professional protective eye patch which protects his/her eyes from burning.

About the treatment room: there must be clear mark which shows “using intensive light NOW!”


HR treatment parameters:

Nursing careThe number of pulsesPulse cycleFirst pulse widthSecondary pulse widthintervalLight energy
Hair removal3P-5P1S-3SDepth color:1ms-3ms

Light color:3ms-5ms

Depth color:1ms-3ms

Light color:3ms-5ms



Energy from 1 start up plus
Freckle removal1P-2P1S-3SDepth color:1ms-3ms

Light color:3ms-5ms

Depth color:1ms-3ms

Light color:3ms-5ms



Energy from 1 start up plus
Skin rejuvenation1P-3P1S-3S   Partial white :3ms-5ms


 Partial black:1ms-2ms

Partial white :3ms-5ms


Partial black:1ms-2ms



Energy from 1 start up plus
Wrinkle removal1P-3P1S-3S   Partial white :3ms-5ms

Moderate :2ms-5ms

Partial black :1ms-2ms

Partial white :3ms-5ms


Partial black:1ms-2ms




Acne removal1P-3P1S-3S   Partial white :3ms-5ms

Moderate :2ms-5ms

Partial black :1ms-2ms

Partial white :3ms-5ms


Partial black:1ms-2ms





HR operation flow:
1) choose care items: according to the customer’s skin condition and needs, select the appropriate care items.
2) customer file registration: detailed fill in customer file information, before taking pictures and archiving, the establishment of customer profile files, and confirm the treatment project.
3) treatment site planning: should be based on the specific circumstances of the skin to develop a prominent focus on the treatment program.
4) Introduce the treatment plan: to the customer details the care program, so that customers a comprehensive understanding of the skin before and after all the reflection and care should pay attention to matters.
5) Tool preparation: Before operation to prepare for all the items required for operation: small bowl, scraper, absorbent cotton, gel, alcohol cotton, and equipment using care accessories.
6) clean treatment areas: thoroughly clean the skin and keep the skin dry; and beautician hands and equipment care bald disinfection, to ensure the operation of the aseptic.
(Note: before treatment, the customer should wear the ring, watch, necklace and other metal products removed)
Connect and check the instrument: connect the instrument power supply and various accessories, the LCD panel on the panel is off. Check the correct working status.


  1. E-light Part
  2. Theory

E-light takes strong pulse IPL and bipolar radio frequency electromagnetic wave with special width-spectrum, selectively acts on target texture, to do skin rejuvenation, freckle removal, hair removal, wrinkle removal effectively. On treatment if 5 to 10 times than traditional photon therapy.

1.1. Bipolar RF + SHR + Epidermis refrigeration:

E-LIGHT combines good traits of SHR and Radio Frequency, warms up strong pulse, takes bipolar rf to strengthen acting on deep tissue, uses skin can selectively inhale light energy, to induce different impedance between target texture and normal skin. Under the circumstance of low light energy, it strengthens target texture to inhail radio frequency, greatly eliminate side effect like bleb, pigmentation caused by heat action of light energy filtering. E-light can penetrate skin deep, selectively act on hypodermal pigment, blood vessel, dissolve freckle, close abnormal vein, solve skins all kinds of flaws. Simultaneously, E-light can stimulator hypodermal collagen rebirth, make skin youth, health and smooth.

1.2. Specially

Under precondition of precooling, energy will directly push into skin deep, epidermal pigmentation cannot inhail energy, so it can safely act on pigmented skin. Energy can enter15mm under skin. Light energy mainly uses on adjusting target texture impedance, avoid energy echo and reflection problem. Effectively act on any colored pathological changes, like target texture with similar as skin color. Surpass traditional laser and strong pulse therapy, E-light can completely solve many problems like skin rejuvenation, hair removal, acne skin etc. No matter what type of skin or hair color, all can get safe and effective therapy.


1.3. Applicable range :

1.3-1. Wrinkle removal, facelift, skin lift.

Theory: It combines E-light (IPL and RF) technique, that is also said electromagnetic wave and IPL heat energy, to increase dermis layer temperature, stimulate collagen fibre rebirth and rearrangement, so as to do wrinkle removal, face lift and lift skin without pain.


Safety: Cause it mainly uses RF energy to penetrate hypodermal 15MM, acts on dermis layer, and very low influence on epidermis, collects main energy on target texture, so-called very safe.


1.3-2. Permanent hair removal.

SHR hair removal theory: It uses light with selective inhalation, through hair nipple of hair trunk and hair folliculus, which exists rich melanin cell, to inhale strong pulse IPL, produce heat energy into hair folliculus, folliculus temperature will be rapidly increased and the foliculus will be putrescence, so that can effective remove hair for ever.

SHR and RF together to do hair removal: Based on IPL technique, it combines radio frequency energy which can down to hypodermal 15MM, directly acts on hair folliculus, make their melanin inhale more energy, so that has better effect on tiny thin hair, light hair, golden hair and white hair.
Safety: It simply uses IPL hair removal equipment, very safety on light skin, thick and black hair., but uses IPL and RF together, will also very safety on all colored skin and hair, and more effective on hairs around the lip, golden hair and white hair.


1.3-3. Dispel deep freckle, epidermis freckle, whiten skin, dispel thread vein.

Simple IPL technique: it uses Hemoglobin and pigment group which can inhale light selectively and dissolve, to increase target texture temperature. Under the premise not to damage normal skin tissue especially epidermis, make target texture, putrescence, so as to get good therapy.


1.3-4. Acne skin therapy

The before IPL equipment, it doesn’t have effective therapy on acne skin, but now, we uses IPL and RF technique together, get very good result in clinic.


Theory: It uses IPL and RF energy, act on and kill Ciprofloxacin bacilli existed in acne, decrease sebaceous gland activation, at same time, it will elimite pigmentation, stimulate deep collagen rebirth and rearrangement, so as to get good result.


Safety: Cause it uses IPL and RF complex energy, it can act on different deep layer, not single energy, so it can make sure more safety and effective on curing.


  1. Functions

We know E-light machine is good at removing thick black hair, but it can’t remove thin light hair .e.g.: lip hair,Intensive pulse light works on the hair which absorbs the light and transfer it to heat and transport it to hair follicle and then destroy it . But if it is thin light hair .the energy that it can absorb is not high enough to destroy its hair follicle .so we develop E light system to solve this problem. E light’s RF energy can directly work on hair follicle that is 15nm under derma .so it is also good at thin light hair removal .


1) Hair removal (640nm~1200nm)

2) pigment & wrinkle removal (530nm~1200nm)

3)Skin rejuvenation & Vascular (480nm~1200nm)


Note:this machine only one handle,so you can choosing the filter.

  1. Course of treatment
ItemPeriod of treatment(PT)Remark requirements
Hair removal1 time every 21-40days, 3-6 times every PT.Shaving the unwanted hair at the

treatment area

Freckle removal1 time every 21-28days, 6 times every PT.1. The patients should be suitable to  accept treatment. It means they don’t have the symptom described in Contraindications

2. No hypersusceptibility recently

3. The patients should cooperate

with operator’s instructions

4. Clean treatment area after


Skin rejuvenation1 time every 21-28days, 6 times every PT.
Vascular therapy1 time every 21-28days, 3-6 times every PT.
Acne skin1 time every 21-28days, 3-6 times every PT.
Lifting1 time every 21-28days, 6 times every PT.


Remarks: Parameters should be adjusted according different person, professional beautician should keep asking the feeling of the client and adjust parameters according the actual status.

main interface

(Main interface)


HL CG05 interface

          (Figure one)

HL CG05 interface 02

(Figure II)

HL CG05 SHR with handle

 SHR handle with filters)



I.How to use the RF

RF Operate pattern

HL CG05 RF operate pattern

HL CG05 RF operate pattern 1

HL CG05 RF operate pattern 2

II.RF Treatment Procedure

1 .Operateion technigue:

Let the treatment probe touch the target area ad mover(Or Slide)from the inner to the outer and round and round and from the lower place to the higher, when you do the treatment ont he upper lid,Pls move a bit more quickly,when the gel on the face get drier,please add some GEL and go on with the treatment.

HL CG05 RF operate pattern 3


(Including cheek,eye,forhead,lip,neck) Operation procedure( About 50minutes for whole face,15- 20 minutes for neck)

  • Carry out a skin evaluation before
  • Clean skin
  • Tone skin
  • Massage with GEL
  • Clean skin
  • Smear gel on skin and apply treatment with trobe.
  • Let the probe touch the skin and make treatment


Course of treatment: One course of treatments includes 5 treatments at an interval of every 10-15days.


Curative effect

After one treatment,the heated subcutaneous fiber shrinks instantly,therefore fins wrinkles are improved,and skin becomes tender,sommth and compact.After onecourse of treatment:the collagen protein is regenerated for long term,skin becomes tender and smooth,wrikles are reduced, and skin is tightened and compact.

3.Body(striae gravidarum)

Operation procedure(About 60-90minutes for topical area)

  • Carry out a skin evaluation before treatment.
  • Clean skin
  • Massage with body slimming distillate
  • Smear body slimming diatillate on skin and apply treatment with probe.
  • Clean skin
  • Let the probe touch the skin and make treatment.
  • Course of treatment:One course of treatments includes 5 treatments at a interval of every 10-15days.

Curative effect After one treatment,the heated subcutaneous fiber shrinks instantly,therefore skin become smooth,compact and elastic.After one course of treatment;Skin becomes compact and flabby skin is improved.

HL CG05 RF operate pattern 4

Treatment Caution

  1. For treatment is that the patient should feel needling&hot.


  1. The treatment head must be kept on the skin (sliding); otherwise, the skin will get burned.Before the treatment head leaves the skin, you must loose the button on the head or loose the foot switch.


  1. When the temperature of the treatment head is over too high, you should stop treatment.The energy you adopt should not be too high; otherwise, the skin will get burned.


  1. Please carry out skin moisturizing and sun proof cream work after treatments, do not wash faces with hot water (use water under the body temperature), and do not go for hot spring and massage.


III . picosecond Laser part


All personnel in the laser operating area must wear safety glasses!

Patients must be provided with strict and effective eye protection!


Eye protection

The pulse width of laser is 10ns – 1ns. The laser beam emitted from the laser window (the end of the arm) is converged at a distance of 70mm from the outlet. The focal length of the focusing lens is 170mm. Without the focal length lens, the laser output divergence angle of about 2mrad.

Any one of the treatment room, direct, such as intraocular laser enough to make the eyes vitreous and retinal damage, resulting in long-blind!




picosecond head


1064 nm picosecond head







755 nm picosecond head







532 nm moppet head






532nm moppet head



Scope of application


1)mild, stubborn chloasma treatment

2) deep pigmentary lesions, such as Ota, blue mole

3)superficial pigmented nevus, such as freckles, age spots and so on

4)eliminate all kinds of color tattoos and tattoo, pattern eyeliner and so on

5)shrink large pores, remove small telangiectasia, effectively improve the auxiliary rejuvenation function such as acne



Safe and efficient

Treatment rate than the Q-laser 20% increase, the process safe and convenient, short course of treatment, saving your skin treatment time, with the rule with the go;



Accurate freckle

No skin cooling,  picosecond laser “selective photothermal effect” technology can intelligently detect the depth of pigment blocks directly against the root of a hit that, while the normal skin will not cause any impac

  1. Operation

the screen will show as follows :

HL CG05 function selection 01

     ( Function selection )

HL CG05 Treatment parameters interface

    ( Treatment parameters interface )


Light energy performance

  1. Single pulse energy: Jm 1500mj
  2. Laser output instability: S ± 15%
  3. Laser output energy reproducibility: Rj <10%
  4. Output energy and energy display error: ± 20%
  5. Surgery spot diameter: 1-4nm range continuously adjustable
  6. Spot positioning focusing accuracy: the error ± 0.5mm
  7. Multi-joint light guide arm adjustment range: 45 ° in the horizontal plane, the vertical height from the ground between 60cm – 80cm.


  1. Compare Effect

HL CG05 compare effect HL CG05 compare effect 01


Taboos(who are not suitable to use this machine?)



  1. Pregnant


  1. b) Isolation in the sun


  1. c) Sensitive to light or medicine, or are taking medicine that sensitive to light


  1. d) Using vitamin within 6 months


  1. e) Not representative naevi or malignant pathological changes in the treatment area.


  1. f) Pacemaker or quiver dispelling device user


  1. g) Herpes or trauma


  1. h) Pimple record


  1. i) People who accept Hirudin etc. treatment (should stop using it before 2 weeks).


  1. j) Severe diabetes patient, high blood pressure sufferer, and epileptic


V . Technical Parameter & Packing List

Technical Parameter


IPL system
Handle modeFilters handle, sapphire handle and high power handle
Spot size:8*40mm2, 10*30mm2 or 15*50mm2
Energy density:1-20J/cm2
Pulse frequency:1~4S, adjustable
Pulse number:1~6, adjustable
Pulse space:05~99ms, adjustable
Sub-pulse width:0.1~9.9ms, adjustable
Handle cooling temperature:-10°C~0°C, adjustable
Power:1200W (Elight ) ; 800W (Laser)
Lamp longevity:400,000shots (IPL)  ,  1000.000shots(Laser)
LanguageEnglish,Spanish,France .Italian ,German,Chinese
RF system
RF frequency10MHZ
Energy density:1-20J/cm2
Output mode:Bipolar
Energy2~300J, adjustable
Handle cooling temperature:-10°C~0°C, adjustable
Cooling system:Air + Water + Semi-conductor cooling
Screen8.4 inch true color touch screen
Power supply110/240V+10% 60/50Hz
Picosecond laser
Laser  wavelength1064nm/755nm/532nm
Pulse Energy2000MJ
Width of pulse10-20ns
Spot Size2~10mm
Cooling systemRadiator, air+water-cooled
Light source220V/110v 50Hz/60Hz


Packing List

Main Device1pcs
Elight & Laser Handle2pcs
RF Handle1pcs(*3)
Water Funnel1pcs
Protective Eyepatch1pcs
Protective Glasses1pcs
Stay Holder2pcs
Power cord1pcs
User manual1book


  1. Question & Answer

Q: Therapy risks?

A: Uses the function of RF, energy decreased, the risks are also greatly reduced accordingly. Can fully guarantee the safe of patient. The cooling handle head can also protect skin, so patients will feel more comfortable during treatment.

Q: The advantage of hair-removing ?
A: It’s fastest, the most efficient, safest, easiest for operation and the most economical. Using to do hair remove, combining the light energy and radio-frequency, which can be worked on the role and dry hair follicle, in spite of the hair color———even white hair can effectively eliminate.

Q: What is E-Light?

A: It is the first and only technology that simultaneously harnesses the power of bi-polar radio frequency (RF) and optical energy (either laser or light).It can tender skin, remove freckle, remove hair and wrinkle obviously and stably. An E-Light therapy equivalent of 5-10 times of traditional photon therapy. E-Light has three main points: RF+IPL+epidermal cooling.

Q: What kinds of dermatitis can E-Light treat? How’s the effect?

A: E-Light has a wide range of light therapy, almost covers all of the former ones, including: lifting, rejuvenation, hair removal, remove rough skin, tender skin, sunburn, age pigment and freckles etc. Further more, E-Light has more effective treatment on flipperty – floppery skin, especially on the neck relaxed skin.

Q:  E-Light applies to which kinds of people?

A: The people who want to get the following result: Improve the body shape or remove stubbornly cellulite, lift and firm skin. Especially for the ones after liposuction, to accelerate postoperative recovery, compact skin and improve skin condition.


Ⅰ【Analysis On Simple Malfunction

  1. No power supplied

Please don’t worry. You can DO AS following the sequence below to find out                          what the problem is.

① Check up whether there is power supplied from electrical source.

② Check up whether the power line is connected well.

③ Check up if the emergency switch is on

④ Check up if the inside electricity line is connected well

⑤ Check up the fuse, which could be pulled out at the bottom of hole for power plug.

  1. The probe is not cold


1) No stress on the touch‐LCD, prevent it from breaking up;

2) Keep the handle clean. It’s not allowed to clean it with ethanol;

3) The handle is fragile, please do be careful when you pick up the headpiece;

4) Change water 10-15 days. make sure water circulate normally before you start the treatment.


Ⅲ【Analysis On Simple Malfunction

  1. No power supplied

Please don’t worry. You can DO AS following the sequence below to find out                          what the problem is.

① Check up whether there is power supplied from electrical source.

② Check up whether the power line is connected well.

③ Check up if the emergency switch is on

④ Check up if the inside electricity line is connected well

⑤ Check up the fuse, which could be pulled out at the bottom of hole for power plug.

  1. The probe is not cold


Check up whether there’s water in water tank

① and make sure water   circulates normally

② Check up the direct power supply switch.

  1. The xenon lamp is not on:
  2. The lamp is exhausted; the lamp broken down.
  3. Poor contact ( anode and cathode line)
  4. Sinmer board broken down
  5. Only LCD screen displays, but can’t enter into the treatment menu.

Touch LCD screen broken down

VIII. After-sale Service And Maintenance

The term of maintaining guarantee is main device 1 year and spare part 3 months from the date of purchasing according to the receipt. (Expendable is not included in it.) Others not included in maintaining guarantee or over the time, we also supply to maintain and renew but need charges. Please contact with the dealer if need change of purchasing the parts and easily expendable products.

  1. We will guarantee the quality of our equipment, normally there is no quality problem
  2. If there is a deficiency, please email or call us on the reasons, it would be best to dealt with by email or telephone. Because some of the problems are caused by using the machine in a wrong way.
  3. We suggest the client to take photos of the area where the problem occurs, we will pass them to our technician , our technician will give a satisfactory answer within 1-7 working days
  4. If the problem comes from the spare part within the warranty, we could consider in changing the spare part to our client, which could be sent with his/her next order. If the next order is uncertain, we could pay freight cost to send the spare parts.
  5. If the problem comes from the main device within the warranty, we could advice our client to post the device back to our company for repair by ordinary post, or we could re-send a new one to our client. If the cost of posting the problematic device back to BEST is more than the value of a new device, BEST would take it into consideration, according to the actual status; apply to re-send a completely new device back to our client.
  6. We won’t supply maintaining guarantee if troubles as below:
  7. Disassembling the machine by self;
  8. Fall it without caution;
  9. Lack of reasonable keeping and protect;
  10. Not operate according to the user manual.
  11. Expendable reasons

If changes of the design and specification of the machine, we will not notice you in    addition. If any queries, please feel free to contact with the local marketing company.


All in one, we will try our best to serve you and also need your fully cooperation. Thanks.

Product name         Purchase date           deadline
Seller              Add.                     Tel.
Customer          Add.                     Tel.
Repair dateReason of the faultRepair content
Maintain list


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