Mini Oxygen facial machine
HL J002 3

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Mini Oxygen facial machine

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Mini Oxygen facial machine

Oxygen facial machine

HL J002


Hydra facial machine for skin rejuvenation, shink pore, remove scar, blackhead, wrinkle, fine line


Work principle 

Through the high concentration of oxygen molecules, so that oxygen molecules carrying active factors, and then through the ionization of active nutrients sprayed in the beauty of the site, so that oxygen into the skin, strengthen the skin’s respiratory function, so that cells Aerobic exercise, so that increased skin activity, promote skin metabolism, so as to achieve whitening, replenishment, light skin, repair sensitive skin effect. Another with imitation of biological care device, can improve the activation of positive and negative ions inside and outside the cell, and promote the increase of collagen and elastin in order to skin tightening, whitening and wrinkle removal.



  1.  Skin rejuvenation, remove facial blemish, tighten large hair pores, deeply cleaning
  2. Improve the flexibility and tone of skin
  3. Scar removal,remove scar caused by laser treatment, burn, surgical etc
  4. Wrinkle removal,remove fine lines, wrinkles and spider veins
  5. Acne removal,remove acne, comedones, blackheads and acne scar.



Oxygen facial machine Technology

Air Flow: 28 L/MIN
Working Pressure: 2- 43 Psi (pressure adjustable)
Auto start: 43 psi
Auto stop: 57 psi
Size: 35.9 * 26.5* 17.3 CM
N.W: 2.8 kgs
Nozzle Dia: 0.2mm / 0.3mm / 0.4mm / 0.5mm
Cup Capacity: 7 cc
Working Pressure:2-50 psi


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Oxygen Facial Machine User manual

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