What is the mission of www.lookforchina.com website?

To buy from China, everyone needs to find goods and sourcing in China. This website is designed to introduce valuable Chinese manufacturers. After years of trading with Chinese suppliers, we decided to introduce their products from our website. Our site consists of two parts, consist of English and Persian language.

In this website first our IT team have uploading content and products in English language to the website and then translating them to Persian language. Because In Iran, the vast majority of people do not know English so that customers can choose the products and manufacturers in our website before traveling to China.By the way, this website is for help the Chinese manufacturers and trade companies to find Iranian customers and also help the Iranian importers to find Chinese suppliers easily. Import from China 

The www.lookforchina.com  website has been launched by Oujal Trading Group to facilitate direct sourcing and direct import and purchase from China.

Our service has starting from Sourcing in the China, deliver the sample to customer, making the order, purchase and payment, inspection of the goods in China, shipping and then customs clearance in the destination.

So we are able to tell you that our services include 0-100 of imports from China and we are at your service for all of the steps.

Any Chinese supplier can send request to us for be able to upload their product in our website.

First our Chinese colleagues will check your companies ability and products quality, if you could pass our tests, will be able to be one of our suppliers.

Let`s have win=win cooperation together.

With best regards


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