People in Iran Are Buying These New Copycat Wireless Earphones, with the Best Sound Quality… (It’s Genius!)

May 2019: Latest start-up out of Silicon Valley has just launched the latest generation of wireless earphones, giving Apple’s AirPods a real run for their money. With thousands of Americans already convinced, AirPhones have created the first sound revolution of the year

The buzz had been building for a few weeks and within hours of their launch, these
new “premium quality” wireless earphones were already causing quite a sensation.
Acclaimed by even the most demanding tech-lovers, these “premium quality” wireless earphones are selling out fast.
 Production of these accessories has been increased ten-fold to respond to the explosive demand, according to the manufacturer.
Incredible Clarity & Sound
The audio market has taken off over the past few years. Music-lovers have seen their habits change and slowly adapt to various new options on the market, from headphones to traditional cable earphones, and the launch of course of iPods and
similar products.

First appearing in 2016, wireless earphone technology has profoundly changed how we listen to music. All the major brands want to be part of the action. But they are not only for music-lovers. Simple to use, easy to wear, wireless earphones are multi-functional; users can make and receive calls , but also for listening to a well as
sharing music with friends

The technology was unfortunately not fully up to scratch in the beginning. Reports
talk of devices which would fall out easily, lose their connection or just offered a poor listening experience.
All that has changed in the past 2 months. An American start-up has changed the game by introducing its latest creation: “premium quality” wireless earphones built with technology previously unknown in the world of sound.

Frank, the creator of AirPhones, tell us all, “I’m a real music fan, but I was fed up of buying earphones and headphones to be disappointed by their performance. So after graduating from engineering school, I decided to create my own brand. The first thing I did was to find a team of professionals as dedicated to the listening experience as me. This is how we came up with AirPhones, top of the range, yet affordable earphones. In no time, we were able to secure funding for the project. Our success comes from the passion we have for the product and working hard to make it a reality.”
AirPhones are the first “top of the range” affordable earphones that everyone can enjoy, and are now shipping across Switzerland.
AirPhones, a new generation of wireless earphones

؟ What features does AirPhones have
Universal Compability with All Devices
Latest Bluetooth 4.2 Technology
Premium Sound Quality
Charge On The Go
Lightweight & Compact
Long-lasting Battery Life
99% of users would recommend AirPhones to their friends and family Source


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