• Private Data Center FW-A02



    1. Any time any where, save what you want, accept access by mobile, PAD, and remote access by computer.

    2. Family member sharing, can connect with home theatre and TV.

    3. With APP, you can watch movie stored.

    4. Multifunctional, private cloud storage with sharing management.

    5. Data collection center. Camera SD card, pendrive and mobile HDD could be plugged in with one-click backup, and you can do data management and storage. View the data without computer, the APP on mobile could help.

    6. Connect with home camera, and manage the related videos by yourself, to avoid privacy leakage



    CPU:Quad Core cortex-A7, basic frequency 1.5HZ RAM+ROM: 2G+8G

    Highest resolution:4k 60fps

    Network port:1000Mbps

    HDMI: 1pce USB3.0 1pce

    Inbuilt 1T Western Digital HDD



    CPU:Quad Core cortex-A7,

    basic frequency 1.5HZ RAM+ROM: 2G+8G

    Highest resolution:4k 60fps

    Network port:1000Mbps

    HDMI: 1pce USB3.0 1pce

    Private cloud disk=Mobile HDD + cloud disk +Computer HDD + Mobile phone external storage + …

    Comparing to cloud disk:

    1. Speed unlimited. 5 times faster than cloud disk in LAN, and 1.5 times faster in internet. 2.Size of files unlimited

    3. One time investment, no continues charges.


    Comparing to HDD:

    1. No need to carry, not afraid of crash

    2. Scalable

    3. Can be easily managed and classified view

    4. APP continues upgrade


  • Wireless Pendrive power bank FW-A80 1


    1. Compatibility: Compatible with both iOS and Android phones, App enable your mobile with one click connection. And connecting it to computer with cables will act equivalent to ordinary pendrive.

    2. Scalability: It can replace the built-in TF card, users can expand the memory capacity according to their own needs.

    3. At any time: One-click connection, enable the photos, video backup and mobile storage expansion. No need to spend the data stream. It is convenient and fast on file sharing, local management and searching of third-party data files. At the same time, it supports decompression and browsing of compressed files.

    4. Security: Support password unlocking. It has a password function to protect private files and prevent leaks.

    5. Comfortableness: the hidden bracket design will free your hands when viewing the film.







    Format:FAT32 exFAT


  • Wireless Power Bank FB-W10


    1. Support both Wireless charge and direct charge

    2. Hidden bracket design, Humanized free your hands

    3. Electronic digital display, accurately show the power level

    4. USB Type-C connector with input and output function.




    Capacity: 9500mAh

    Percent conversation:70%


    USB Type-C input:5/2A 5V/2.4A

    USB Type-A output: 5V/2A USB

    Type-C output:5/2A

    Qi output: 5V/1A



  • Wireless charging base W20


    1. As high as 10W fast charging, compatible with Apple 7.5W fast charging

    2. Rotary bracket design, flatwise or vertical drop meet the needs of different scenarios



    Size:140mm*70.8mm*15.5mm Conversion rate:70%

    USB Type-C input:5/2A 9V/1.67A

    Wireless charging output: 5V/1.5A 5V/2A 9V/1.67A

  • Fast charging power bank FB-A10


    1. It is fully compatible fast charging power bank, compatible with mobile brands like iPhone, Huawei, Xiaomi, Samsung, Meizu, SONY, 360, Gionee etc.

    2. USB Type-C interface can input and output

    3. To PD fast charge only need to use USB Type-C for output

    4. Digital display accurately display the remaining power.

    5. Hidden bracket design help free your hands.



    Capacity:9500 mAh

    Size:138 mm*65.8 mm*13.2 mm

    Weight:188 g

    Type-C input:5 V/2 A 9 V/2 A(PD+QC 2.0)

    Type-C output:5-6V/3A 6-9V/2A 9-12V/1.5A(PD+QC3.0)

    USB output:5-6V/3A 6-9V/2A 9-12V/1.5A (QC3.0)



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