(808) diode laser hair removal

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808 diode laser hair removal

810 nm semiconductor laser hair removal device is a 810 nm precision wavelength hair removal device using the most advanced micro channel laser technology, is currently the best hair removal device in the beauty market.


808 Diode Laser Advantages:

  • Laser: The world’s top vertical stack laser
  • Long service life: the sustainable light 10 million shots;
  • High peak power: single bar power up to 100 W / bar, the market single bar laser power generally 50 W / bar-80 W / bar.
  • Efficient and stable cooling system

Laser cooling system with constant temperature cooling, to ensure that the entire system 7 * 24 hours of continuous work. Air-cooled + water-cooled way commonly used on the market can only work continuously for 2 hours.

  • 810 nm precision wavelength for hair removal.
  • The melanin in the hair follicles has the best absorbance to 810nm laser, and the wavelength of 810nm can be maximize absorbed by melanin in the hair follicles.
  • To minimize the absorption of hemoglobin or water, reduce the loss of laser energy and improve the effect of hair removal.
  • Use of contact sapphire cooling system, efficient cooling conduction efficiency, make comfortable treatment
  • Intelligent water temperature control system: effectively protect the life of the laser and the handle cooling effect.
  • Intelligent water quality monitoring system: effectively protect the water flow of micro-channel lasers.
  • Unique shape design and color matching, make products more beautiful and stylish.

Functional principle:

810 nm semiconductor laser hair removal system, using its unique long-pulse laser, penetrating the epidermis to the hair follicle site, based on the principle of selective light absorption, the laser energy is preferentially absorbed by the melanin in the hair, and then lose the regeneration of hair, while the course of treatment.

808 diode laser Application:

Hair removal: armpit hair, beard, lip hair, hair line, bikini line, limb hair.

  • Technical parameter:
  • Laser type:semiconductor laser
  • Laser wave length: 810nm
  • Output mode:pulse output
  • Spot size:14*14 mm
  • Energy density: 1-88J/Cm2
  • Frequency:1-10Hz
  • Power: 2000W



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(808) diode laser hair removal

(808) diode laser hair removal

2,560 $

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