ASANO Oxygen Concentrator 10L

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Oxygenator or oxygen concentrator is one of the most important and essential home medical devices that provide the oxygen needed by patients (patients whose blood oxygen level or SPO2 is low, such as heart, lung or other diseases. Respiratory diseases) by continuously condensing ambient air to pure oxygen. Using a home oxygen generator is very simple and does not require special expertise. Patients can benefit from supplemental oxygen therapy for respiratory care at home, in a hospital, or at a medical facility.
Most physicians prescribe the amount of oxygen patients need per liter per minute (L / m) per patient prescription, which can be adjusted by this device.
Fixed oxygen generators or so-called home oxygen generators are produced and supplied in capacities of 3, 5, 8 and 10 liters per minute (meaning 3 or 5 liters per minute is the maximum volume and flow produced by the oxygen generator). They produce the oxygen needed by patients in a continuous system. Asano Oxygenator has the highest oxygen production capacity, washable10 liters per minute.
The concentration of oxygen produced by this device is between 3 to 93% and This device has a washable , and replaceable filter. This device uses 220v electricity.
The light weight of the device (29 kg) and being equipped with four wheels, makes it possible to move easily from one room to another. Patients can also move around easily at home using long oxygen catheters

To order an oxygen concentrator device of excellent quality and excellent performance in bulk, you can register and order your devices online for delivery in the shortest possible time, then receive it in the shortest possible time.
Notice that, This excellent product can be purchased warrantied directly from the manufacturer.
For the 10L oxygen generator, with CE certificate
We prepare enough stock now, unit price is USD 531.00 $, the specifications and picture are as below:

Technical Specifications
Power supply: AC 220V/50Hz
Box size: 450x415x685mm
Machine size: 377x315x590mm
Input power: 800VAOxygen
Flow rate: Single flow 0-10L Double flow plus 1-10L
Mute design: ≤55dB
Oxygen concentrator: >93%±3%
Display size: LCD panel
Net weight/Gross weight: 27KG/29KG


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ASANO Oxygen Concentrator 10L

1,200 $

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