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Brief Introduction

Use airflow to massage the breast rhythmically, stimulate the secretion system and circulation system, make partial muscle to exercise and replenish nutrition so as to strengthen our body and enhance the breast. It is a non-toxic, harmless, no side effect physical therapy.


Working Principle

According to the Physiology theory, whether the breast is plump or flat depends on the adipocyte in the breast. If we want to plump the breast, we should try to make the adipocyte in the breast grow and increase. In order to do so, we should enhance the capacity of adipocyte by absorbing fattyacid. To enhance the capacity, we need the stimulation of estradiol hormone and guide those flow to the other parts all come into the breast parenchyma.

Estradiol hormone is secreted by ovary during the menstrual cycle. While the concentration of estradiol hormone increase, intermittent vacuum suction and massage of the breast from professional breast enhance instrument could help to accelerate the blood circulation, lead the estradiol hormone to the breast, stimulate the adipocyte to absorb fattyacid so as to make the breast grow and plump. Coordinate with massage by hand and medicine could achieve better curative effect. Meanwhile, RU-8205 could help to revise the chest curve and nipple.


Indicator diagram

  1. Vacuum time & frequency display frame
  2. Vacuum time & frequency decreasing button
  3. Vacuum time & frequency increasing button
  4. Liberation frequency display frame
  5. Liberation frequency decreasing button
  6. Liberation frequency increasing button
  7. Airflow stimulation play/pause button
  8. Piezometer
  9. Air valve
  10. BIO display frame
  11. BIO time & intensity increasing button
  12. BIO time & intensity decreasing button
  13. Vibration display frame
  14. Vibration intensity decreasing button
  15. Vibration intensity increasing button
  16. BIO & Vibration play/pause button



Nursing procedure

  • Clean the nursing part with cleanser.
  • Coat the nursing part with relevant cream homogeneous and massage for 10 minutes.
  • Use the instrument for 20-25 minutes
  • Relax and massage for 5-10 minutes.
  • Clean the nursing part.
  • Coating the nursing part with firming lotions.


How to use?

Airflow Stimulation:

  • Connect the power line and switch on.
  • Select a suitable pair of nursing cup and connect to the machine with the Y-pipe and the signal lines.
  • Press the play/pause button (Indicator diagram – 5), the time display frame (Indicator diagram – 1) will show “15”. It means the working time, adjusting to the needed time.
  • Put the cups against the breast
  • Press the play/pause button again, the vacuum & liberation time display frame will both show “05”. Press the vacuum time increase button, the time will increase as “05, 10, 25, 50, 65, and 90”. It is not the actual working time, the corresponding time is about “0.5, 1, 3, 5, 7, 9” seconds. Adjust to a suitable time. For the liberation time, please adjust to “03 – 05”, if too long, the cup will loose and drop. After these settings, they machine will begin to work.

If only want to use the vacuum function. Connect the accessories, and press the play/pause button 3 times, the digit letters in the display frame will flash.

  • Machine is ready to work.
  • After the treatment, shut off the machine.


BIO -Microcurrent:

  • Press the play/pause button (Indicator diagram – 16), the BIO display frame (Indicator diagram – 10) will show “15”. It means the working time, adjusting to the needed time.
  • Press the play/pause button again, the BIO & Vibration display frame will both show “00”
  • Adjusting to a suitable level that the customer could bear. The customer will have a slight tingling.
  • After the treatment, shut off the machine.


Vibration massage:

  • Set the working time as the BIO setting.
  • While the Vibration display frame shows “00”, adjust the vibration intensity with the decreasing & increasing buttons (Indicator diagram – 14, 15). The cup will begin to vibrate and massage the breast.
  • After the treatment, shut off the machine.



  • Please read the instruction manual carefully before any operation. Adjust the vacuum intensity from MIN to MAX.
  • To avoid accidents, please adjust the instrument to the best status before any operation.
  • Slightly reddish cast and extravasated blood will occur on the nursing part. It is normal. Massage could help to ease these situations.

Select proper size cup, operation time and vacuum intensity according to the

  • customers’ situation. Observe the reaction of the customers and adjust if necessary.
  • Spin the adjusting knob anticlockwise after operation to avoid accidents.



  1. Do not continuously use the instrument for long time, or it may generate overheating and shorten the instrument’s life.
  2. Clean the nursing part before treatment in case the dirt will vacuum into the instrument and damage it.
  3. Do not disassemble the instrument privately. Please contact the distributor if maintenance needed.


Maintenance Service:

  1. The instrument is under warranty for one year except the accessories and the consumables. We would provide maintain service after the warranty period, but payable.
  2. If you want to replenish or purchase the consumables and accessories, please contact the distributor for advice.
  3. Breakdown cause by human as below is out of our warranty.
    1. Breakdown cause by dismounting or transforming the instrument by customer himself/herself.
    2. Breakdown cause by incorrect or unreasonable maintenance.
    3. Breakdown cause by beating or dropping the instrument.
    4. Breakdown cause by incorrect operation.
    5. Damage cause by irresistible disaster like earthquake, fire disaster.
  4. Welcome for any comment and suggestion.



Breast care cups:


Gourd-shaped pipes

Vacuum glass pipes






Black & red tubes


Connecting wire



Breast enhance machine

Model: HL-8205

Breast enhancer for enlarge, shoulder, neck, back pressure, waist, body sculpting treatment, head care, facial skin rejuvenation


Principle and Effects of vibrating massager suction cup for breast enhancement

This is a very effective unit for breast enlarger and care, with functions of vacuum and release, vibration massage, photon therapy and micro-current stimulation.

 1) Vacuum and Release

Vacuum and release with special massage by hand is the basic and effective way for breast enlarger.

Breast will be stimulated a lot by regular movements of vacuum and release, to excreteestrogen actively by woman’s own body. And the surrounding fat will be gathered to enlarge. Besides, lymphatic system will be improved effectively to get rid of toxin and make breast firm.

Not only for breast, this kind of movement can be used to suck blackhead on nose by little glass tubes, to lift hip by big plastic cups, to modify nipple by little glass tubes, to do lymphatic drainage on whole body by plastic cups and metal rolls.

2) Vibration Massage

Regular vibration can actively exercise muscle, stimulate and accelerate circulation of blood and lymph, making breast firm with energy.


3) Photon Therapy

Photon treatment can promote absorb of essence to breast, helping a lot to tender and smooth skin.


4) Micro-current Stimulation

Micro-current treatment is a traditional and very effective way for skin whitening and lifting. It stimulates in-depth cells to improve regulation energy to decompose and dilute skin melanin, provides energy and promotes regeneration to improve firmness and elasticity, helping replenish water to retain moisture.



1) Green energy Breast: Breast, tight chest, plastic chest. Chest movement, eliminate Furu, strengthen heart and lung function, prevention of breast disease.


2) reproductive treatments Maintenance: female uterus, ovary, improving vaginal relaxation, urinary incontinence, sexual dysfunction, frigidity; regulate female hormones, improve dysmenorrhea, improve endocrine, delay menopause. Men kidney care.


3) head SPA care: improving dizzy head up, migraine headaches; eye fatigue, tinnitus, allergic rhinitis, alopecia, dandruff and other treatment of some help.


4) facial rejuvenation treatment: to improve dull, sallow skin, reduce nasolabial folds, crow’s feet and so on. Face lift can be achieved, face sculpture, plastic face-lift and other effects.


5) shoulder / neck / back pressure: Shun air conditioning, muscle relaxation; to improve chest tightness, heart palpitations, shoulder pain, acidic sub-health physical fitness, prevent scoliosis, hunched, conditioning organs, back to clear the meridians, back Shu pressure, scraping detoxification relax like. At the same time can improve stiff neck, arm tingling, improve sleep quality.


6) waist and abdomen body sculpting treatment: thin waist, stomach and intestines, stool elimination, increase gastrointestinal motility, strengthen stomach function, to eliminate beer belly; improve lower back pain, muscle strain and so on.


7) lower body rash course: improve varicose veins, capillaries emerge, edema, tingling legs, knees and health care.


8) body rejuvenation treatment: stovepipe skinny arms, hips, buttock, plastic hip, improve constipation, lose weight, slim body sculpture



Name Breast enlargement machine

Model HL-8205

Dimension 53*44*21cm

Voltage 220V/110V, 50Hz/60Hz

Power: 120W

Weight 10KG



Breast enhance machine


Additional information

Dimensions 53 × 44 × 21 cm
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Breast enhance machine

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