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BTL Machine Operate interface Introduction



Handle one (Body therapy interface introduction)

Setup interface introduction:


Handle two (Facial therapy interface introduction:



Facial therapy interface introduction:



Double energy to Sculpture body

The patented technology of BTL-6000 Exilis ,Through the parallel RF and advanced fully regulated skin cooling system, to control deep tissue heating.



  1. The Energy Flow Control System (EFC) guarantees maximum safety.
  2. The most advanced thermoelectric cooling system – laser control the depth of the treatment of radio frequency(RF)
  3. Only one treatment head in the same treatment area, its can be first deep degreasing , and then subcutaneous wrinkle
  4. Built-in thermometer, the only system that can be used for temperature control
  5. meets the Ergonomic – the best design of the body treatment head.



Reduce wrinkles

Facial remodeling

Collagen regeneration technology


The overall advantage of the face

  1. Advanced design to ensure the safety of treatment, especially around the eye.
  2. Excellent experience under comfortable experience.
  3. Simple, convenient, the effect of significant facial plastic surgery.
  4. Safe energy flow control system designed for professionals.


Controllable energy transfer

The most advanced technology of the double pulse energy to produce high repetition rate (100kHZ).

To ensure the safety of the pulse mode technology, and thus create a continuous heating experience BTL-6000 fat knife energy transfer control system greatly stimulated the physiological response, and completely painless and discomfort.


  1. Synchronous pulse energy transfer to make it more precise control of heating energy.
  2. Double pulse to ensure the best treatment.
  3. Compared with the existing mainstream technology, only a small amount of energy to complete the treatment.


working principle:

The ternary helical structure of collagen fibers is affected by heat and begins to disintegrate.

Focused single-stage radio frequency can quickly and effectively break down collagen fibers, separation of collagen tissue structure.

The natural healing process, which stimulates collagen fibrils, makes it active in making new collagen fibers.

The new amount of collagen is reassembled in the skin structure.

Safe, convenient and more effective treatment

EFC (energy flow control system) software can control the energy flow and automatically eliminate energy peaks. This process is known as a square (flat top) spectrum energy profile that is unique to the BTL-6000 Exilis high frequency treatment equipment. The BTL-6000 Exilis  ensures uniform energy distribution for safer, more convenient and more effective treatment .

Significant effect:

Before                                    After


Before                                     After

Before                                      After



  • Reducing fat mass Reducing cellulite
  • skin tightening Improving skin

Before                                      After 4 courses of treatment


Before                                       After 4 courses of treatment

Before                                      After 4 courses of treatment




Photo provider:

-Dr.R. Gartside(VA,USA)

-Dr.A. Okpaku(FL,USA)

-Dr.W. Voss(Germany)

-Dr.A. Wong(Hongkong)

-Dr.P. Hajduk(Gzech Rep)

Before                                      After 4 courses of treatment

Before                                      After 4 courses of treatment

Before                                      After 4 courses of treatment



1.Reducing wrinkle                   2.Skin smooth and younger

  • Skin tightening and anti-aging Enhance collagen regeneration



Clinical verification:


Incomparable advantage

  1. Treatment is widely proven body remodeling, firming skin and skin remodeling.
  2. The only RF and adjustable cooling technology are combined with the system.
  3. Stand-alone RF studies verify that the energy can penetrate the depth of the deep-skinned target tissue.
  4. Advanced cooling system can be adjusted to accurately penetrate the target tissue, and protect the skin from harm.
  5. Energy Flow Control System (EFC) protects the body from skin burns at the highest level of treatment.
  6. Precision RF treatment head continuously monitors skin target temperature and RF contact quality.

7.Comfortable treatment experience, based on a unique combination of radio frequency and advanced cooling systems.


BTL machine

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