Double side hook

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hook and loop price
Width Price/carton Color price Number/carton
16mm US$21.50 US$25.90 750 pair.yard
20mm US$20.00 US$24.40 600 pair.yard
25mm US$20.00 US$24.40 500 pair.yard
30mm US$21.50 US$25.90 400 pair.yard
38mm US$21.50 US$25.90 300 pair.yard
50mm US$21.50 US$25.90 250 pair.yard
60mm US$22.80 US$27.20 200 pair.yard
75mm US$22.80 US$27.20 150 pair.yard
100mm US$22.80 US$27.20 125 pair.yard
PACKING Carton Size: 45*23*53cm FOB ningbo
25 Yards/Roll Net weight: About 6.5 KG
NO Paper Cover
1 pair=1 yards/meter hook+1 yards/meter loop
16mm US$23.50 US$27.90 750 pair.meters
20mm US$21.90 US$26.30 600 pair.meters
25mm US$21.90 US$26.30 500 pair.meters
30mm US$23.50 US$27.90 400 pair.meters
38mm US$23.50 US$27.90 300 pair.meters
50mm US$23.50 US$27.90 250 pair.meters
60mm US$25.00 US$29.40 200 pair.meters
75mm US$25.00 US$29.40 150 pair.meters
100mm US$25.00 US$29.40 125 pair.meters
PACKING Carton Size: 50*25*50cm FOB ningbo
25 Meters/Roll Net weight: About 7.5 KG
NO Paper Cover
Material:30% nylon and 70% polyester
Width Price Color price Number/carton
16mm US$29.41 US$34.41 750 pair.meters
20mm US$26.47 US$31.47 600 pair.meters
25mm US$27.94 US$32.94 500 pair.meters
30mm US$29.42 US$34.42 400 pair.meters
38mm US$29.42 US$34.42 300 pair.meters PACKING
50mm US$29.42 US$34.42 250 pair.meters 25 Meters/Roll
60mm US$31.62 US$36.62 200 pair.meters NO Paper Cover
80mm US$31.62 US$36.62 150 pair.meters
100mm US$31.62 US$36.62 125 pair.meters
125mm US$32.35 US$37.35 100 pair.meters
Carton Size: 50*25*50cm FOB ningbo
Net weight: About 8.5 KG
Material:70% nylon and 30% polyester
Width Price Color price Number/carton
20mm US$33.83 US$38.83 600 pair.meters
25mm US$34.56 US$39.56 500 pair.meters PACKING
38mm US$34.56 US$39.56 300 pair.meters 25 Meters/Roll
50mm US$34.56 US$39.56 250 pair.meters NO Paper Cover
100mm US$37.50 US$42.50 125 pair.meters
110mm US$39.71 US$44.71 125 pair.meters
Carton Size: 50*25*50cm FOB ningbo
Net weight: About 9 KG
The above price is container price       MOQ:440 CARTON
Material:polyster Product name:Self Adhesive Hook And Loop
Width Price(carton) Color price Number/carton
16mm $100.00 $114.00 750 pair.meters
20mm $100.00 $114.00 600 pair.meters PACKING
25 Meters/Roll
NO Paper Cover
25mm $100.00 $114.00 500 pair.meters
30mm $100.00 $114.00 400 pair.meters
38mm $100.00 $114.00 300 pair.meters Carton Size: 50*25*50cm
50mm $100.00 $114.00 250 pair.meters
60mm $100.00 $114.00 200 pair.meters
75mm $100.00 $114.00 150 pair.meters
100mm $100.00 $114.00 125 pair.meters
Material:Nylon Product name:Elastic Loop
Width Price Number/carton 20 yards per roll,  The color is black and white
20mm US$84.71 640 yards
25mm US$76.47 520 yards
30mm US$70.59 400 yards
38mm US$68.88 320 yards
50mm US$63.53 240 yards
60mm US$64.71 200 yards
100mm US$70.59 120 yards
150mm US$70.59 80 yards
Material: Nylon Product name:Back to Back hook and loop
Width Color Price/Meter
1cm Black $0.147
2cm Black $0.294
2.5cm Black $0.367
5cm Black $0.735
10cm Black $1.470
Injection hook Nylon
Width Color Price/yards
20mm black/white $0.095
25mm black/white $0.124 50 yards/roll
30mm black/white $0.153
38mm black/white $0.191
50mm black/white $0.249
100mm black/white $0.498
Unbrushed Loop Nylon
Width Color Price/meter
20mm black/white $0.098
25mm black/white $0.115 25 meter/roll
30mm black/white $0.149
38mm black/white $0.191
50mm black/white $0.231
100mm black/white $0.463


I introduce the situation, the first product is the most popular, and one-time purchase quantity is larger, several kinds of products to ask people in the back of the less, and purchase quantity is less, the price is related to material, quantity, width, color, more complex, I suggest you can set a price range, more convenient operation.


Double side hook






Main width:

20 mm

25 mm

30 mm

38 mm

50 mm

160 mm

Common packing:

Hook: 50 yards/roll




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Double side hook

Double side hook