mini oxygen jet machine

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Mini Oxygen Jet Machine-

Mini Oxygen machine

Oxygen jet

Enter the urea product into the epidermis by injecting oxygen. It strengthens cells, increases its resistance, eliminates easily contaminants, and boosts its metabolism. So that it can cure and improve problems such as dark and dull skin, wrinkles, looseness, pigmentation and normal skin problems.


Mini Oxygen Jet Machine Features

 mini oxygen sprayer is the most creative skin care, suitable for beauty salon trade
safe and effective for skin whitening;
instead of traditional art and traditional skin care and peeling;
and immediately improve the dryness of the skin and fill in fast, safe and efficient food.
directly improves the skin from the lack of oxygen caused by dark, dull skin.
non-invasive, no cross-infection. Pain-free treatment does not affect normal function.
comfortable skin procedures, moist, refreshing feel, easy to do makeup steps.
Unique skin repair technology.



Performance of mini oxygen jet machine:

1, Oxygen spray is used to remove dead facial skin, color uniformity, skin whitening.

2, the balance of dry, oily skin, skin moisture up to 24 hours.

3, provide enough oxygen to the skin, increase cell activity, improve skin darkening, skin spots, transparency, delay skin aging.

4, promote metabolism, strengthen the body’s function, so that toxins and contaminants are easily eliminated.

5, Antibacterial, helps prevent acne, regulate sebaceous glands, helps reduce facial acne.

6, Dodge age spots, fine lines, smooth and delicate skin.

7, Oxygen can activate cells, increase the activity of skin collagen cells, accelerate the growth of collagen, causing skin softening.

8, repair the damaged skin, reduce excessive redness, laser and other stimulants after treatment, healthy recombinant cells, improve skin absorption of nutrients.


Technology: Oxygen jet spray

Maximum power: 33 watts
Voltage: DC 12 / 3V
Oxygen purity: 96.4%
Oxygen flow rate / min: 1.4 LPM / min
Oxygen delivery: Oxygun sprayer nozzle
Material: ABS
Weight: 3.25 KGS

Packing size: 27 * 27 * 26cm


Mini Oxygen facial machine

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mini oxygen jet machine