Nailgogo T2 finger and toe 2 in 1 nail printer

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Dual-purpose nail printer

With the ability to print on toenails and hands

 Dual printer prints on toenails and fingernails T2

These printers are fully automatic and you can print any photo and design on your nails only by connecting to the device application that will be installed on your mobile phone.

How this device works only includes 4 steps, but you can learn how to use the device completely in five minutes.

The power bank is inside the 4000 device, which can also charge your mobile phone. And it fulfills every person’s desire to become a nail master. You can use this device as a home device or for use in the workplace. These devices have a good place in the global market today and have a significant share of the brand.

Nail printer capabilities

  1. Ability to print on fingernails and toenails
  2. Ability to print 1000 nails with each cartridge
  3. Has a power bank with the ability to operate for six days without recharging
  4. Has lacquer gels required for initial setup of the device
  5. Ability to print all kinds of photos and designs on nails

پرینتر ناخن دوکاره با قابلیت پرینت بر روی ناخن های دست و پا

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Nailgogo T2 finger and toe 2 in 1 nail printer