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Before using the instrument, please read the manual carefully and operate it strictly in accordance with the instructions in the manual.

Front of the instrument


Note:When the FAULT light flashes, please check whether the handle is connected properly, and then check whether the probe is in place or need to be pulled out to reinstall the probe.


When this FAULT light is on, the probe is installed.

Pedal Switch:It is used to control energy output emission.


Back of the instrument


Fitting installation:



Note: Cleaning the probe with alcohol or saline before use it.


Interface introduction

  1. Start-up

Installing and connecting the handle, foot pedal and negative pole sticker, plug in the power cord, and connect the power to the instrument;

Turning on the power switch, and the machine will start up and the boot interface will appear as following pictures.

Pressing the enter button to enter the working interface as below picture.


Note:The effective time after the probe is activated is 30 minutes, and the time is counted 30 minutes after the start, so it is recommended to press the start when preparing for the operation.

Note:It is suggested that the operating energy should be 30-50, and the higher the energy, the faster the temperature will heat.


Intelligent temperature control system: When the detected temperature exceeds the set temperature, the output is automatically stopped, and the temperature is automatically reduced to the safety target.



It’s an advanced private RF instrument in the United States. It has passed two international certifications, FDA and CE.The core of its application is intelligent temperature-controlled RF conduction technology, which is applied to the beautification of labia and vaginal tightening. It provides a safe and effective anti-aging project with very high comfort for woman which is non-surgical, no anesthesia, no recovery period, no pain, no scars.


The private vagina tightening machine is an instrument with intelligent temperature-controlled function that can conduct simultaneous real numbers on the vagina and the vulva and labia through radio frequency conduction.”Internal” is to activate the regeneration of collagen proteins through warm and thermal effects to achieve 360 degree vaginal tightening,to increase vaginal humidity, and treat the problem of urinary osmotic.”Outside” is also through radio frequency technology to accelerate local blood circulation while restructuring damaged neurons,so that the labia that has become longer and looser will be brought to the original position ,increase sensitivity, increase the softness of skin and reduce wrinkles. Therefore the vulva is moist, compact and tender as before.

The core of technology: disposable probe


The core of the technology lies in its disposable therapeutic probe, which is very compact and humane. In the treatment, the comfort is very high, 360 degrees without dead angle treatment, even 360 degrees in the internal vulva, including the upper, middle and lower segments of the vagina can be done.



The disposable therapeutic probe is one people at a time, and It’s only the size of an index finger, and here is no other body feeling or discomfort in the treatment.

The validity period of the disposable treatment probe is 30 minutes. Since the probe is activated, the effective time is 30 minutes, which avoids the risk of secondary use.


The technical core of the equipment: temperature-controlled RF technology


All processes that promote collagen regeneration in humans are through heat. The skin of the vulva is very delicate, and the size of the labia is between the skin tissue and the mucosa tissue, so it has a higher requirement for temperature. There is a special Smooth skin temperature setting to keep the temperature at 37-42 C. The temperature can be adjusted at 37-42 degrees C.



Before treatment, the target skin temperature is set, and the temperature-controlled RF maintained the thermal effect of massive tissue for a specific time, effectively stimulating regeneration of collagen, allowing the vulva to be full and improving the state of loose vaginal. Through such a temperature-controlled RF technology, it can effectively promote the blood circulation of the vulva, promote collagen tightening, strengthen the stretching function of the lifting muscles and sphincters, and even enhance the sensitivity of the female vulva.


The Principle of action


Whether it is aging on the face or other parts, it has a lot to do with the loss of collagen. There are many types of collagen. Among of them, type I collagen is distributed in dermis, tendons, skeleton and dentin, accounting for 90% of the total amount of collagen in the human body. The amount and loss rate of collagen determines the fullness, flexibility and elasticity of tissues and skin.


Principle of action – compactness

Through the action of heat, it can effectively promote the repair and regeneration of type I collagen, and then promote the increase of collagen fibers, elastic fibers, reticular fibers and organic matrices, so as to make the vulva full, elastic and resilient, and thicken the vaginal wall, tighten the vagina.



1、Safe and painless.

2、High comfort and no need for anesthesia.

3、Sexual intercourse can be carried out on the day of treatment.

4、Promoting hyperplasia of collagen , repairing and strengthening levator muscle .

5、Suitable for the ages over 18 years old, which has a history of sexual life.

6、Regulating the PH value of reproductive system and simultaneously treating the inner and vulva.

7、Increased wetness, increased softness, increased firmness, and maintenance of ovaries.

8、Treating the inner and vulva simultaneously to improve satisfaction, improve self-confidence.


ContrastLaser–High energy focused ultrasound–RF


Technology Laser High energy focused ultrasound RF
Type Burning therapy Non-burning therapy Non-burning therapy
Probe Non disposable Non disposable disposable
Risk  High High Low
Effect Medium Low High
Improved area vulva+internal vulva  Internal vulva vulva+internal vulva
Customer experience Swelling, discomfort Sour swelling, discomfort Painless, comfortable process


The following symptoms are suitable.

1、Vaginal relaxation after childbirth or menopause;

2、Labial relaxation in vulva、Vaginal exhaust sounds during intimate behavior;

3、Atrophic vaginitis / vaginal dryness during sexual intercourse;

4、Mild to moderate pelvic prolapse:Decreased organs in the pelvis (eg bladder, rectum);

5、Sexual dysfunction and orgasm;

6、Stress urinary incontinence or leakage of urine during coughing/sneezing/exercise;


Preoperative instructions

1、For those who have a pregnancy plan must undergo a pregnancy test first.

2、Before the treatment, the operator must first conduct a private examination to ensure that it is not a high incidence of inflammation.


Operating procedures

★Preoperative preparationSpecial gel, iodophor disinfectant, saline, 75% disinfectant alcohol, medical gauze and large cotton swabs, disposable gloves and masks.

1、All the metal ornaments to be worn should be removed, and the negative plate should be attached to the customer’s leg.

(The negative plate is close to the skin. If it’s not completely close to the skin, the negative plate is prone to heat)

2、Before operation, removing the excess pubic hair to avoid discomfort during operation.

3、Before treatment, the vagina (vulva, labia, vaginal orifice) of the experimental subjects should be fully disinfected and the vaginal disinfectant should be wiped clean.

4、The probe is cleaned with alcohol or saline before use.

5、First, the probe was placed in the vulva for treatment; after the treatment of vulva, the probe was put into the internal vulva for treatment.

6、Operational reference values: energy 30-50, set temperature 39-40;

7、–Steps for operation of vulva: 10 minutes.

–When the vulva is operated, the special gel is applied to the vulva.

–When operating the vulva, first attach the probe to the skin, then press the start button and step on the pedal;

(Remember: the probe is close to the skin and then step on the pedal in operation)

–Manipulation: According to the texture of vulvar skin, sliding up and down plus circle operation;

–Cotton swab can be used to assist the operation of labia majus;

–Flatten the labia with a cotton stick and operate according to the texture;

–The clitoris can be strengthened to increase sensitivity;

–The operating temperature should be maintained at about 39 C for about 10 minutes;

–During the operation, the temperature is gradually raised, and the set temperature is not reached at one time;

8、Steps for operation of internal vulva: 20 minutes;

–The special gel is injected into the vagina in operation;

–When operating the internal vulva, first attach the probe to the skin, then press the start button and step on the pedal;

(Remember: the probe is close to the skin and then step on the pedal in operation)

–Manipulation: Front and back sliding plus rotational manipulation;

–The operating temperature should be maintained at about 39 C for about 20 minutes;

–During the operation, the temperature is gradually raised, and the set temperature is not reached at one time;

–Operating the internal vulvar can be strengthened at G-spot to increase sensitivity;

  1. After the treatment, disinfect the private part with iodophor and finally clean it with normal saline or alcohol;


Postoperative care

1、The underwear is cleaned separately, one person for one basin, one towel and a basin of water.

2、2-5 days after surgery, there is no access to swimming pools, saunas, and other public places to prevent infection.



1、Paying attention to rest after the operation, and do not do strenuous exercise within 3 days, so as not to affect the postoperative effect;

2、After the operation, pay attention to diet, avoid eating cold, spicy, hot food, do not take anticoagulant drugs such as aspirin, do not smoke, eat more fruits and vegetables to prevent constipation;

3、Paying attention to the vulva hygiene after surgery, but do not over-clean and follow the doctor’s instructions for postoperative care, and seek medical advice if there are special circumstances.


The following groups are forbidden to use

1、Women during pregnancy, menstruation, and asexual experience;

2、The use area has implanted metal equipment (such as an IUD);

3、Those who use anticoagulants, high-dose hormones, etc.;

4、Those who with cute vaginitis or cervicitis, cervical cancer, severe cervical erosion;

5、Those who with severe hypertension, diabetes, malignant tumors, cardiovascular and hepatic diseases;

6、Those women who is undergoing chemotherapy, radiation therapy, pelvic floor physiotherapy or other diseases;

7、Chronic vulvar pain, vulvar dysplasia, pelvic organ prolapse in the hymen ring;

8、Examination of infectious diseases (such as cauliflower, AIDS, papillary disease, gonorrhea, herpes, etc.);

9、Normally, after vaginal delivery, treatment with private instruments is available at six weeks later;


Clinical effects

  • In clinical treatment, it is found that private instruments can restore elasticity, moisturization, fullness and plumpness of private places, and play a very good role in protecting health.First of all, the labia majoris can be wrapped around the labia minor to protect the vaginal orifice and prevent other subjects bodies and bacteria from entering. Like the peaches we see in the picture below.

Clinical case


The benefits of treatment

  • Improving the tightness of vaginal:Tightening the entire vulva region, from the labia majora to the entire internal vagina. Both the patient and her partner can detect a significant improvement in firmness.
  • Improving the appearance of the labia:The skin of the external genital area is tightened and smoothed to improve its appearance.
  • Increasing vaginal discharge:Increasing blood flow through zero-hormone therapy to eliminate dryness, restore nerve signaling transmission and improve lubrication.
  • Improving sexual function:Improving women’s and their partners’sexual satisfaction by increasing sensitivity of orgasm and contraction of muscle.
  • Reducing stressful urinary incontinence:Reducing urinary leakage accidents by strengthening pelvic muscle tissue and helping treat mild to moderate stressful urinary incontinence.


Answer & Question

1What’s the cost of treatment for vagina tightening machine?

A:The market price of guidance for treatment is RMB19800.

2Is the treatment painful?
A:During the course of treatment, patients will only have a comfortable feeling of warmth, and they will have no pain during and after operation.

3Does is safe?

A:Using a disposable probe for each treatment to ensure that there is no risk of transmission of infection. It’s very safe and has no adverse reaction.

4Does it need course of treatment to treat

A:Only according to the course of treatment can we ensure the best treatment effect. According to the degree of aging, there will be differences in the course of treatment. We will first pass professional testing and then give customers personalized treatment plan.Of course, we will also explore the treatment effect that the customer wants to achieve in the process, and combine the needs of the guests to develop the best treatment.

5How many times of course of treatment need to do?How often is the interval for a course of treatment?

A:According to the slack of the customer, generally 4 times for a course of treatment, 6 times for a special case for a course of treatment, each treatment interval for 2-4 weeks.However, the general patient can feel the improvement of the effect and symptoms after the first treatment.

6How long does each treatment take?How long does it take to recover after surgery?

A:It takes 30 minutes. There is no need for recovery period, just go after it, it will not affect normal life, or even resume sexual life on the same day. Note:For the sake of effectiveness, it is recommended to have sex after three days.

7How long will the effects lastDoes the treatment need to continue later?

A:Generally, the effect of a course of treatment for 4 times can be maintained for 9-12 months depending on the individual patient’s condition.After that, if necessary, you can maintain and consolidate treatment for 1-2 times a year as a regular maintenance in a private place to maintain optimal results, safe and effective.

8Who is suitable for the treatment of rejuvenation ?

A:Atrophic vulva、Precipitated pigments、loose vagina, dry and painful vagina,for these problems, the sooner treatment, the sooner recovery, the sooner to enjoy a healthy and happy life.

Technical technology &parameters

Product name:Vaginal Tightening Machine

Output frequency:50-60HZ             Output voltage:AC110V-220V

output power:10W-100W              Fuse:5A

Packing size:40×32×21cm               Weight:about 8kg



Private Vaginal Tightening Machine


Note: Cleaning the probe with alcohol or saline before use it.




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